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Infrared Codes

Standard Infrared Codes
All remote control models offered by Celadon include a standard set of infrared codes for all buttons. Each button on the remote has a unique infrared code. Infrared codes come in a wide variety of formats. The infrared codes used in the standard format use either an NEC or RC5 protocol. Each remote has a different subset of either of these protocols. Celadon can provide you with details regarding the standard infrared codes available for each remote control model. Standard infrared codes are included with low volume remote control purchases, and can be used with high volume remote control purchases to reduce development costs.

Technical Description
of several infrared protocols (PDF format)
Custom Infrared Codes
For higher volume orders (500 to 1000+ units on most models), we can manufacture the remotes with a custom infrared code set. Custom infrared codes sets can either be copies of infrared codes existing in other remotes (we can duplicate the infrared codes of other remote), or, we can create unique infrared codes. Since there is an almost infinite number of possibilities with generating unique codes, they will most likely be unique to your specific remote (not an accidental duplicate of an infrared code used in another device). There are additional setup costs associated with copying existing infrared codes or creating unique infrared codes. 
Universal Remote Control Library
Universal remote control libraries are available for most models of our remote controls. Different libraries are available for USA and European markets. Universal code libraries are infrared codes for many brands and models of devices. Multiple Television brands and models are included for instance. A universal remote may have infrared codes for Televisions, VCRs, cable boxes, DVDs and more. The user selects the brand and model they use from a list, and set the selection using a programming method on the universal remoteThe programming method is usually a series of button presses and a device number selected from a device/brand/model table.