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Celadon Infrared Remote Control Technology

Celadon Inc. manufactures infrared remotes using off the shelf case tooling designs or designing custom infrared remote control models for customer specific applications. We have been designing and manufacturing infrared remotes and other remote control products since 1990. Our years of experience supplying wireless remote controls to many customers in many diverse markets allows us to provide you with high quality, affordable infrared remote controls that meet your design and application requirements.

Celadon Incorporated is a California Corporation located in San Rafael, California U.S.A.

Our Address is:

Celadon Incorporated
58 Paul Drive, Suite D
San Rafael, CA 94903 U.S.A.

Sales and Engineering Support: +1 (415) 472-1177 x201

Fax: +1 (415) 472-1179

E-mail Celadon: sales@infraredremotes.com

Infrared Remotes:  http//www.infraredremotes.com

Celadon, Inc. | 58 Paul Drive, Suite D | San Rafael, CA 94903 U.S.A. | Sales: +1 (415) 472-1177 x201 | Fax: +1 (415) 472-1179
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